"adenovirus infections in immunocompromised patients are associated with high mortality rates..."

Currently, no approved anti-adenoviral therapies are available...

About Us...


Eirium AB started as an academic collaboration between chemists and virologists at Umeå University, Sweden. 

Board of directors:

  • Mikael Elofsson, professor in organic chemistry

  • Göran Wadell, professor em. in virology

  • Mårten Strand, PhD-student in virology

  • Christopher Öberg, PhD in organic chemistry

  • Emma Andersson, PhD in virology

  • Ya-Fang Mei, PhD in virology

  • Karin Edlund, technician in virology

In the pipeline...

We have identified several antiviral small-molecules and have an active IP strategy. In addition, we have optimized our lead compoundclass that we presently is assessing in animal models.